About J. Carlos Valdez


Figure & Portrait Painter, Arts & Veterans Advocate, and Fine Arts educator.


Part-time adjunct teacher for the fine arts in Edmonds, Wa.


Training & Logistics Coordinator for the Veterans Training Service Center in Lynnwood, Wa. 


Received a BFA in Painting from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2015.  


Painting and raising his children in the Pacific Northwest and Seattle, Wa.




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Born and raised by immigrant parents in South Texas, J. Carlos has marveled and enjoyed the works of art from a cultural and southern perspective... from local and rich festival events in San Antonio and its surrounding cities... as well as the many family visits and trips into the border towns between U.S. and Mexico.  


All of these experiences filled with amazing works of art nurtured a love and appreciation to create... and share with loved ones, as it always simplified conversations and led to great friendships. 

A veteran of 24 years, art teacher, advocate and father of four... J. Carlos now resides in Edmonds and the Seattle area creating works of art that touch upon a shared experience within work, family and community.